Infinite’s Sunggyu Reunites with Hong Jin Ho in “Crime Scene”

Infinite’s leader Sunggyu will make an appearance as the third guest to be on the JTBC show, “Crime Scene.”

According to a representative of the show, Sunggyu participated in the filming of reasoning game “Crime Scene” today, and will join the search for the criminal on the fourth episode.

In the first season of “The Genius,” Sunggyu daringly had a battle of brains with the guests and showed off his intelligence through the show. In “Crime Scene,” he will show an unsual reasoning power in finding the criminal behind the murder.

Anticipation for Sunggyu’s appearance in “Crime Scene” is also heightened because he will once again have a face off with Hong Jin Ho whom he had a tight battle with in the deathmatch for strategic game of yut in “The Genius.” The two will be able to continue their battle of wits in the episode of “Crime Scene” airing on June 21.

“Crime Scene” is the country’s first “RPG Reasoning Game” wherein six participants on the show are regarded as suspects for a mysterious murder case that happened at a specific time. The participants’ job is to remove the accusation of being the murderer while trying to find the true culprit who is acting innocent. The show airs every Saturday at 11 PM.