Netizen Spreading False Rumors about f(x)’s Sulli Caught, Charges Dropped

The netizen spreading false rumors online about f(x)’s Sulli was recently caught.

On June 11, SM Entertainment said, “We caught the netizen who was spreading false rumors about Sulli this past March. Towards the end of March, we took legal action to protect our artist against the groundless rumors, and we filed a suit for defamation against the one who started it all and anyone related.”

“The netizen, after realizing that spreading false rumors is a crime, was very repentant. The person apologized to Sulli for her actions and promised not to do it again. Sulli, considering that the netizen is about her age, said she wanted to let her go. Respecting her decision, we dropped all charges on June 10.”

SM further stated that this instance of dropping charges was an exception, and that they will handle further cases of the sort with a firm legal stance.