Fly to the Sky: “Rumors That We Are a Couple Are Better than Rumors of Us Fighting”

Fly to the Sky is proud of their teamwork. Although the two have been through rough patches considering that they haven’t had any team activities in the past five years, the two maintain a solid friendship that is peppered with playful bickering with each other.

In an interview with Newsen, Hwanhee and Brian of Fly to the Sky talked about how bickering with each other is one of their strong points.

“Some groups say they are close with each other but when you look at them closely, they’re really not that close. They don’t bicker with each other and they don’t even look at each other. In our case, we jokingly fight with each other and talk over things as if we weren’t hurt. Our fans see it as cute and fun,” said Brian.

Because of this certain closeness that the two exhibit, they are often teased and rumored to be a couple and to this, Brian said, “It might be gross to think that way but I think our teamwork is like that.” “It’s way better than being rumored to be having troubles,” added Hwanhee.

Brian agreed and said, “More than being rumored to be having troubles with each other, I think it is better that we have such a good relationship that we are seen as a couple.”

Seeing how good the teamwork of the two is, rumors of the two being in a relationship cannot be avoided.

“There were rumors about us being gay and liking men, but it’s not like that. We’re that close so people feel that way about us,” said Brian. “Our juniors should do the same, I think. Be so close with each other that people would see you as gay,” Brian said with a laugh.

In their recent concert, fans made them hug each other to see whether they really have a good relationship.

“We could’ve done it but if they have asked me to do the impersonation too, it would have been so embarrassing,” recalled Brian. “Everyone wanted to confirm whether we’re close or not. Telling us to kiss and hug, they wanted to confirm with us through those things. We are in good terms but we hope they don’t make us do that,” said Hwanhee.

“It’s been six or seven years since our last concert together. Because it’s been a while since we’ve had our concert, we weren’t sure whether we could fill the seats. Everyone sang with us from the start to finish, it was really a moving concert. Although we’ve had some difficulties because it’s been a while and we sang a lot of songs, it was really a touching concert for us,” said the two members of Fly to the Sky as they sent their gratitude to their fans.

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