Wheesung Talks About His Love for A Pink on “Weekly Idol”

Fresh off his two-year mandatory military service, singer and composer Wheesung appeared as guest at the June 11 broadcast of MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol” where he talked about his love for A Pink and his days in the military.

Because he had a happy life in the army thanks to A Pink as his inspiration, Wheesung wasn’t able to hold back on his admiration for the group. “The time when A Pink was on (Weekly Idol) was wonderful. You should’ve treated A Pink better,” said Wheesung to Dony (Jung Hyung Don) and Cony (Defconn). 

When asked about what he thinks of his guesting in the show in comparison to A Pink, Wheesung said, “If the service men see my episode is on, they will change the channel. Even I will change the channel,” he said, bringing the room to laugh.

Wheesung was also asked whether he already met A Pink after he was discharged and he said, “They’re always appearing ahead of me in programs. I haven’t even seen them eye to eye. They do their 90-degree folder bows and leave. It’s always 90 degrees.”

Finally, he talked about Son Na Eun who appeared in “We Got Married” with SHINee’s Taemin. “At that time, Taemin was a public enemy,” said Wheesung, making everyone in the room laugh.

Wheesung Weekly Idol