Taeyang Details Hardships on His Touching “Journey to Rise”

A lot of sweat and tears goes into the process of making an album, and no one knows this better than Taeyang, whose new album “Rise” took four years before completion.

Journey to Rise,” a new documentary-styled interview detailing Taeyang’s hardships from album production to the comeback stage, shows several of the album’s producers giving a peek into Taeyang’s journey in making his latest comeback.

In particular, BIGBANG bandmate G-Dragon comments, “[Taeyang] was struggling, he agonized much before releasing an album. The release was continuously delayed, which wasn’t what he intended. Many things gave him a hard time.”

Several other producers agrees with the sentiment, but believe that the hardship is what pulls him through and makes him better, commenting that Taeyang has “his own principles for music,” “determination that came from the heart” and “is continuously upgrading himself.” 

Taeyang himself gives insight to the making of the album, starting the documentary with, “It was a long journey, I learned so much. Through the good times, and the bad.”

Check out Taeyang’s touching journey below: