Yoon Jong Shin to Reveal His Idol Project on New Mnet Show “Entertainers”

Previously, Yoon Jong Shin made a surprise announcement about starting an idol project, possibly for his independent label MYSTIC89. Now, we have more hints on what that was all about, through the new teaser video released by Mnet.

On June 11, Mnet’s official Youtube page released a short teaser video for their upcoming television show “Entertainers.” In the video, Yoon Jong Shin narrates, “MYSTIC? Get out. Now it’s about idols.” As he says this, the MYSTIC89 artists standing beside him in the video, Jo Jung Chi, Park Ji Yoon, Lim Kim, and Muzie, disappear.

According to Mnet, Yoon Jong Shin’s new show “Entertainers” will be about Yoon Jong Shin’s ambition to raise an existing idol group to the top. It will follow the styles of previous Mnet shows “God of Music” and “Enemy of Broadcasting.”

“Entertainers” will be a satirical quasi-reality show, where it fill feature real people in various reality show-like set-ups. Along with Yoon Jong Shin, various MYSTIC89 artists will also make appearances.

Now the spotlight is on which current idol group will become Yoon Jong Shin’s focus on the show. “Entertainers” will start airing in July.

Check out the teaser below.