Seo In Guk Dishes on Going Against “Reply 1997” Co-Star Jung Eunji and Being a Hockey Player for “High School King”

Star of the upcoming tvN drama “High School King,” Seo In Guk, shared his thoughts on feeling pressure during the press conference that was held on June 11.

“Honestly, I do feel a lot of pressure,” he started. “It was to the point where I questioned if I was the right person for such a highly anticipated drama. The responsibility is very heavy so I am working even harder,” he revealed.

Seo In Guk, who played a swimmer in the film, “No Breathing,” will go for another athlete role as a hockey player in “High School King.” The actor shared, “Ice hockey takes a lot of energy. Even professionals can’t play for the entire game. Even if you warm up for five minutes, even your underwear gets drenched.”

He continued, “But it’s still really fun. I think I’m getting better because I’m having fun. It’s so awesome that the actors are even thinking about making an ice hockey group even after the drama ends.”

Seo In Guk also mentioned that he really liked the “team play” aspect of the drama. “It feels like we’re doing something together so I really like that,” he added.

He also revealed that professional stuntmen were needed to give the scenes are more realistic feel. But he said that he tried his best to minimize those scenes and said, “My muscles were so shocked that the pain lasted a week but I felt really proud of myself after that struggle.”

Finally, the star talked about going against his past “Reply 1997” co-star Jung Eunji, who is starring in the KBS drama “Trot Lovers,” which also airs on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Seo In Guk commented, “I didn’t know the dramas were playing on the same times. But after I heard she was cast, I congratulated her and told her, ‘fighting!’ We are both cheering each other on.”