Lee Hyori Talks About Her Past Physical Insecurity and Some Wise Words

Pop diva and social entertainer Lee Hyori opens up about her physical insecurities she had in the past.

On June 10, she posted on her blog a few photos with her thoughts on her body shape. She confessed under the first photo, “I hated my short legs since I went to school. I was especially jealous during my celebrity career as there were many [ladies] with long and slender legs.”

lee hyori 5

Lee Hyori continued, “And I thought to myself that I could’ve achieved everything I’ve wanted if my legs were just a bit longer.. I wanted to walk around with jeans and comfortable shoes sans heels. I was nervous that people would’ve found out [of my short legs], and the comments from the people who did [find out] stung. Words like ‘Your face is pretty,’ ‘Your waist is pretty’ didn’t cheer me up at all. I wanted it all..”

lee hyori 2

Afterwards, she posted some wise words in a cat’s point of view. “Tsk tsk. Why are you asking for more when you got that much? You can go anywhere with your legs, run as much as you want, dance the crab dance out of the blue.. there’s just not enough time [in life] to be thankful about having healthy legs~~ Look at me, [my legs are] short but I’m not inconvenienced~”