History Announces Comeback Date for 3rd Mini Album “Desire”

Five-member male group History, who just recently made a surprise announcement of their comeback with the release of their mini album tracklist, has officially announced the release date for the album, called “Desire.”

The new mini album will be released on June 23. Starting on June 16, individual member teaser images will begin to be released, with which they will slowly lift the veil on the new album..

Their title track for their comeback is “Psycho.” Also notable is the last track, “Blue Moon,” which was co-composed and written by KZ and History’s youngest member, Jang Lee Jung. The History maknae also wrote the lyrics for “I Got U,” bringing out his talents as a singer-songwriter.

Producer Jo Young Chul was in charge of the overall album production, and with his past track record with highly successful artists such as IU and Brown Eyed Girls, anticipation is high for History’s new mini album.