Korea’s National Singer Kim Gun Mo Returns with 14th Album on October

“Korea’s national singer” Kim Gun Mo will make his official comeback this fall with the release of his 14th official album on October.

An insider in the music industry said in an interview with ISPLUS that the artist is currently working on his album. “Kim Gun Mo is earnestly working on his official album. The album is almost 50 percent done,” the insider said.

Kim Gun Mo’s new album comes three years after his last album, “Autobiography” which was released in 2011 to commemorate his 20th year in the industry.

According to a representative, Kim Gun Mo has been putting a lot of work on this new album. “Kim Gun Mo has been in charge as a producer for the whole album and has been really working hard on it. He has personally wrote most of the songs and is in full momentum. Everything is running smoothly,” said the representative.

The nation’s singer, Kim Gun Mo, has made his debut in 1992 with the song “Rain On a Sleepless Night.” In 1995, he sold 2.8 million copies of his third album, “Wrongful Meeting,” and was put on the Guiness Book of World Records for the highest selling album in South Korea. He is considered to be one of Korea’s musical legends following Cho Yong Pil and Lee Moon Sae, alongside Shin Seung Hoon and Lee Seung Chul.