“Singing In The Rain” Actress Baek Joo Hee Notes Onew’s Absence

Musical actress Baek Joo Hee recently brought up SHINee member Onew at the press conference for “Singing In The Rain.” 

On June 12, Baek Joo Hee attended the press conference for the musical, “Singing In The Rain” at the Seoul Chungmu Art Hall. She also went on to praise Super Junior member Kyuhyun, TRAX member Jay and Girls’ Generation member Sunny for their professional attitudes. 

“SHINee’s Onew practiced very hard with us, so it’s very unfortunate that he was unable to perform. He worked incredibly hard,” she said. Onew is currently recovering after undergoing surgery for removal of vocal polyps and for reconstruction of the vocal fold mucosa. 

In addition, the musical actress praised her idol co-stars saying, “Kyuhyun, Jay and Sunny really don’t seem like idols at all. They work so hard, they get me pumped up too.”