“Man From The Stars” Faces Controversy Involving Sponsored Props

Hit drama “Man From The Stars” has faced yet another controversy. 

An individual who introduced themselves as an independent designer posted on their social media site about their frustration with “Man From The Stars”.

According to this designer, they were asked to sponsor lamps for Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun)’s house. They stated, “after the drama, there were issues with getting the lamps back. They were all destroyed when I got them back. The drama staff have sent the lights via mail without any additional packing to protect them. These are lamps made with traditional Korean paper. If you don’t wrap them up carefully they get destroyed. They were all torn when I opened them up.”

They then added, “when I asked for compensation SBS kept arguing that they can only pay for 50% of the damaged items. SBS told me that they couldn’t even pay their staff’s wages at the moment and that I would have to wait.”

Furthermore, they said, “the bigger issue happened with the “Man From The Stars” special exhibition. They wanted to display my works but obviously I couldn’t, because the damage was too much. It was rude and unpleasant. I told them to not display something similar to my work at the exhibition, but they told me that they will substitute my work with similar items anyway. When I looked at the exhibition pictures, the lamps were identical to my designs. This is an institution that is supposed to support creative copyrights, and yet they have plagiarized my work without my consent.”

Regarding this matter, SBS’s representative announced, “we have met with the designer after reading what they wrote. To us, the replacement lamps were completely different from the original design. But since the designer didn’t want them, we have removed the lamps from the exhibition. The compensation was less than 1,000,000 won ( about $982 USD), and we have paid them.”