Lee Seung Gi to Return to Filming for “You’re Surrounded” This Weekend

Lee Seung Gi, who recently sustained an injury to his eye during filming for “You’re Surrounded,” will be returning to the set.

A drama official said to Star News this morning, “The next filming for ‘You’re Surrounded’ is scheduled for this afternoon or tomorrow morning, and Lee Seung Gi will be joining us. At the time of injury, the doctor advised that he rest, so filming was suspended, but he has sufficiently recovered, and is returning to the set.”

Another source said, “While Lee Seung Gi has not fully recovered, he is almost there, and he will be able to go through with his filming schedule as planned.”

This week, the June 11 episode was replaced with a special, and episode 10 was aired on June 12. The action scene in which Lee Seung Gi was injured aired toward the end of episode 10.

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