Chu Sarang and Yuto Go on a Date to Disneyland on “Superman Returns”

On the upcoming June 15 broadcast of KBS2’s “Superman Returns,” Chu Sung Hoon’s daughter Chu Sarang and her best friend Yuto will be enjoying a date together.

Previously in a phone conversation, Sarang and Yuto both talked about how they wanted to go to Disneyland. For this upcoming episode, due to Yuto’s babysitter going on vacation, he spent the day at Sarang’s house and the two kids went on a special date.

Sarang couldn’t hide her happiness and excitement at the thought of going to Disneyland with Yuto. She also put in a lot of effort for the date, such as diligently brushing her teeth, as well as wearing a long dress that she doesn’t normally wear.

On the day of the exciting date, Sarang’s mom, Yano Shiho, jokingly told her daughter, “Don’t kiss [Yuto] so easily.”

Catch the two kids’ adorable date on “Superman Returns” on June 15! 
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