Fly to the Sky’s Brian Keeps First Place Promise and Does Hwanhee’s Old ‘Ramen Hair’

Fly to the Sky’s Brian proved to be a man of his word by keeping his promise to fans for taking home first place with their latest title song “You You You.” 

On June 13, Brian posted on his personal Instagram account, “We kept our #1 promise^^ Wow~ @hwanhee really did look pitiful during our first album #flytothesky #youyouyou #brian #hwanhee,” along with a photo of his ‘ramen hairstyle.’ 

Also, Brian drew attention for performing the duo’s emotional ballad “You You You” with his ramen hair for the June 13 stage on KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank.”

The first place promise was initially made at Fly to the Sky’s comeback showcase, where Brian stated, “If we win #1, I will do Hwanhee’s ramen hairstyle from ‘Day by Day,’” and it was fulfilled after they won first place on various music programs including “Music Bank” and “Music Core.”

Check out the proof shot of Brian’s ramen hair as well as Hwanhee’s original hairstyle below!