Lee Seung Gi Photographed Entering Hospital, Rep Clarifies Trip Is for a Drama Shoot

In a bystander’s photo revealed on June 13, “You’re Surrounded” actor Lee Seung Gi is pictured with a swollen eye, entering a hospital in a patient gown. This make some people wonder if Lee Seung Gi really has recovered from his injury, as was previously reported

On June 14, Lee Seung Gi’s representative told OSEN that the picture was just of Lee Seung Gi heading into the hospital to shoot a scene for the drama. “He was shooting a scene following one in which he is injured after a fight. His face and eye just look swollen because of the poor quality of the photo.”

The actor’s rep continued, “Lee Seung Gi returned to filming the afternoon of June 13, and his progress is good. It is most definitely not that we are forcing a still injured Lee Seung Gi to return to filming.”

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