BEAST’s Hyunseung Reveals His Surprising Weight on “Immortal Song”

BEAST member Jang Hyunseung’s real weight has been revealed.

On the June 14 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s variety singing program “Immortal Song,” they aired the ‘Friend of Eternal Youth, Lee Chi Hyun’ special.

During the episode, Hyunseung received the question, “How do you put on a powerful performance with such a thin body?” To this, the BEAST member responded, “I weigh 58 kilograms (~128 pounds). I’m not that skinny.”

MC Moon Hee Jun shared, “I was 58 kilograms at the time of my debut,” and went on to ask the rest of the participants of the show how much they weigh now.

Everyone expressed their anger at such a question and said that the MC had no manners, causing laughter on the set.
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