Rain Meets Up with Gong Li at the Shanghai Film Festival

Singer and actor Rain revealed the tenderness between himself and world renown Chinese actress Gong Li.

On June 14, Rain uploaded a picture that he took with Gong Li onto his twitter account. In the picture, Rain and Gong Li are standing side by side with their shoulders touching.

On June 14, Rain was at the 17th Shanghai International Film Festival for the Chinese movie “Difficult Love.” Gong Li was the head of the judging panel at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

Meanwhile, several Korean stars were at the red carpet for the Shanghai International Film Festival, including Song Hye Kyo, Park Shin Hye, Song Seung Heon, Son Tae Young, among others.

In addition, world renown stars such as Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, Hayden Christensen, John Cusack, and director Jean-Jacques Annaud plan to attend.