Jung Hyung Don, Yoon Han, ZE:A’s Kwanghee Discuss How They Really Felt While on “We Got Married”

Singer Kwanghee of ZE:A, pianist Yoon Han, and comedian Jung Hyung Don opened up about their experience on the virtual marriage show, “We Got Married.”

Kwanghee, a panel member of E Channel’s “The Pawn Shop of Love” and opened up about his “We Got Married” experience on the relationship advice talk show. In addition to Kwanghee, Jung Hyung Don and the other male panel member Yoon Han have all participated in “We Got Married” at one point.

Kwanghee, who participated in the show with Secret‘s Sunhwa, said, “At first, we were just very close friends. But with two idols together, it is impossible for feelings not to start developing,” and explained, “When she was wearing shorts, I would worry if she was cold.”

Yoon Han, who left the show earlier this year after his participation with actress Lee So Yeon, said, “I honestly showed the real me while filming,” and made the female MCs swoon with his sweet confession. However, Jung Hyung Don commented, “I had absolutely no feelings at the time,” and made everyone burst into laughter with his completely opposite experience. He was on the show with Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon back in 2009.