Actor Park Hae Jin Celebrates 3000 Days Since Debut

Popular actor Park Hae Jin has celebrated his 3000th day since his debut in 2006.

On June 15, the star left for Japan to participate in a fan meeting event held in Tokyo. However, as today marks the 3000th day since his debut, the airport was flooded with loving fans who came to express their support for the talented actor.

Park Hae Jin expressed his thoughts on reaching a new milestone, “3000 days have already passed since my debut. I am so thankful, and while I don’t know how long I am able to work, I will do my best.”

The actor entered the airport in casual cropped pants and a grey sweater, and topped his look off with large sunglasses. He greeted his fans and other citizens with friendly waves and smiles before boarding the plane.

Park Hae Jin is currently appearing on SBS’ Monday-Tuesday drama “Doctor Stranger.”