BEAST Wishes You “Good Luck” in New MV

BEAST is finally back! After dropping their pre-release track, “No More” last week, the group has finally released their comeback MV, “Good Luck.”

The group shows off their slick dance skills in this fast-paced track that will get fans dancing in no time. They’re all seen with their own leading ladies in different scenes that were pieced together from the individual teasers the boys released last week.

BEAST will release their sixth mini-album, “Good Luck” today, June 16 and will have their comeback performance on various music shows this week. Their pre-released track, “No More,” topped the music charts within ten hours of its release!

Watch the music video here and follow us on Soompi for updates! Don’t forget to check out the music video for “No More” here in case you missed it!