VIXX Receive Increasingly More Love Calls with Their Rise in Popularity

After releasing their fourth single album “Eternity” on May 26, VIXX is currently in the middle of promotions for their title track by the same name. Since making their comeback, VIXX has ranked high on music charts, received first place on music programs two times, and sold out tickets to all three of their solo concert dates, proving to be an idol group on the rise.

Also, the group has become commercial models for fashion and beverage brands, and is continuing to receive more and more love calls in advertising.

vixx tea

Through their fashion advertisement, the members, who are an average height of 183cm (~6 feet), are able to flaunt their model-like stature, as well as a stylish and chic image. On the other hand, the group shows off their bright and cute charms, fitting for their summer beverage commercial, which is the complete opposite of their charismatic appearance on stage.

VIXX’s agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, stated, “It seems like the variety of concepts the members show with every comeback, and their individual charms, leave a good impression on advertisers. They are very thankful for the continuous offers they are currently receiving.”

Meanwhile, VIXX is continuing to earn increasing amounts of popularity and recognition. This coming June 18-20, they will be holding their very first solo concert “VIXX Live Fantasia [Hex Sign]” at Olympic Hall.