Behind-the-Scenes Photos from AOA’s “Short Hair” MV Shoot Released

On June 16, AOA’s agency shared photos taken on the set of the girls’ latest music video shoot for “Short Hair” on AOA’s official Facebook page. The man in the photos is Lee Gook Ju, who was involved in the shooting process. 

In the photos, AOA members are seen dressed in matching salon coats and sporting ‘short hair.’ Not to mention, the name of the beauty salon is also called “Short Cut” in keeping with the unique concept. In the next photo, the girls are also seen hard at work, monitoring the production of their music video with Lee Gook Ju. And in the last couple of photos, the girls have some fun on set with Lee Gook Ju while dancing on the set. 

In related news, AOA released the “silhouette” teaser for “Short Hair” on June 13, as well as a “comic” teaser on June 16. The full track drops on June 19. 

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