Tablo and Daughter Haru Share Precious Camera Time Together

On June 15, Epik High‘s Tablo posted two adorable photos of himself and his daughter Haru. The first photo he captioned, “Daddy I love you” and the second photo he captioned, “In the morning, mom is a sleepyhead! Hmph!” 

Haru and Tablo look adorable in the morning, accustomed to taking selcas together and mimicking each other’s expressions. 

Netizens commented, “Tablo and Haru look so alike,” “Haru looks more like her mother Kang Hye Jung everyday,” “Lee Haru has so much charm. Later when she grows up, she’ll be even prettier than her mother,” and “Tablo and Haru sure look close.” 

In related news, Tablo first introduced his daughter to viewers through the KBS 2TV program, “Superman Returns.” The duo are still recording episodes and receiving great love from fans of the show.