MBLAQ’s Peru Concert Canceled, G.O Vents His Frustration on Twitter

On June 14, MBLAQ member G.O posted on his Twitter, “We couldn’t do anything. I’m so mad, I’m speechless. Who’s going to understand everything that happened here [in Peru]? How in the world did we come to a concert that wasn’t properly prepared? This is the most shame I’ve felt since the start of my singing career.”

According to Xportsnews, from a compilation made of online posts, the situation is as follows: Through a promoter, MBLAQ was scheduled to perform at 8PM on June 13 (local time) at Coliseo Eduardo Dibos de San Borja. However, on the day of the concert, the group received word from the San Borja district office that, due to safety issues, the concert was canceled.

The district office explained that, compared to the 9000 fans to attend, there were not enough security officers or medics, and that preparation was lacking for any potential emergency situations.

However, it was revealed that the concert was canceled because MBLAQ’s local promoter failed to submit the safety permit application in time. The safety documents have to be submitted a week in advance, according to the fans, but the promoter submitted them just four days prior to the concert.

Regarding the cancellation of the concert, the promoter posted an apology online. He said, “I apologize for the cancellation of the Peru concert. We are currently planning a January 2014 South American tour in Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina. I’ll bring MBLAQ back to Peru.” No mention was made of the late submission of any documents.

G.O then responded to the promoter’s apology on his Twitter: “I have a few words, after seeing the promoter’s apology. We did not once discuss a press conference, nor is there a new concert date that was suggested. We said we wanted to hold the concert in whatever way possible, but we never got the necessary permissions. I sincerely apologize to everyone who came for our concert in Peru.”


MBLAQ member Seungho posted on his Instagram, “Even at this point, we were really excited.” 

And on his Twitter: “We had a fun present prepared, too… like this…”


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