GOT7’s Mark Adds to Mystery of “A,” Releases Individual Teaser

GOT7 member Mark is the next to charm the mysterious “A” in a new story preview!

In a new teaser revealed today, Mark is seen riding into a basketball court on his skateboard. Before long, his fellow member, JB, steals his individual shot, asking out a girl named “A.” Unable to watch any longer, Mark, who was watching in the background, charismatically leads “A” away from JB. At the end of the scene, Mark is asking someone for advice for asking out “A.”

This development seems to add to the mystery of the girl named “A,” which happens to be GOT7’s upcoming title track of the same name. 

GOT7 will be holding a showcase on June 18, and will be releasing the album and music video of “A” on June 23.