New Boy Group HALO Introduces 4 Members, Reveals Debut Teaser Photos + Greeting Video

A brand new six-member boy group called HALO will be making their debut very soon! So far, four of its members, OOON (Oh-Woon), Inhaeng, Heecheon, and Jaeyong, have released their individual teaser photos for anticipating fans.

On June 16, the group’s agency, AYIN Holdings, revealed the meaning of the name HALO (short for ‘Hexagon of Absolute Light and Organization’), “The name of rookie boy group HALO uses the dictionary meaning of the word to represent an idol group that always shines bright everywhere they go when all 6 members come together.”
HALOMember OOON is known for his captivating vocal and powerful dance skills within the team.

Inhaeng is in charge of rapping in the group and is 186cm (~6 ft 1 in) tall. He is also a member with versatile talents and abilities.

Members Heecheon and Jaeyong also stand tall at 186cm and 185cm respectively. Heecheon is known for having a baby face, and will be displaying his powerful vocals and dancing, while Jaeyong will show what he’s got as one of the group’s vocalists.

AYIN Holdings shared, “Before their debut, HALO went through rigorous training to achieve both dancing and singing abilities. They are a group that will showcase a professional image, unlike that of rookies, through their many experiences on stage and various other activities. Please show love and watch over their debut stage and the the members’ future activities.”

Look forward to the group’s upcoming debut at the end of June and check out their greeting video, as well as the members’ teaser photos below!        

HALO Inhaeng








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