History Releases Audio Preview for Upcoming Mini Album “Desire”

With boy group History set to release their third mini album “Desire” on June 23, they have now revealed a “pre-listening” teaser on Youtube. 

The five tracks previewed are “I Got U,” “Psycho,” “There’s No Sun,” “It’s Alright,” and “Blue Moon.”

“Psycho,” the title track, is a song about a man driven crazy by love. It has a pop-style melody with some electronic sounds. It was composed and arranged by Lee Min Su and east4a with lyrics by Kim Ina.

The fifth track “Blue Moon,” was worked on by group member Jang Yijeong along with composer KZ.

Listen to the preview below.

You can check out their previously released member teaser pictures below. 

Kim Sihyoung and Jang Yijeong

Song Kyungil, Na Dokyun, and Kim Jae Ho