Lee Seung Chul Comes into Conflict with JYJ Kim Junsu’s Fans Regarding Remake Song Marketing

Singer Lee Seung Chul has come into conflict with JYJ fans.

On June 16, Lee Seung Chul posted on his Twitter, “It was something I said with a smile, but I don’t understand what all the fuss is for. You’re making it hard for me to ever see Junsu again. It’s a shame,” expressing his frustration over the controversy surrounding the promotions for his song “I’m in Love” for the soundtrack of “You’re Surrounded.”

Lee Seung Chul’s “I’m in Love” is a remake of a song from Kim Junsu’s second solo album. Since he started promoting with the song, he continuously ran into problems with JYJ fans, some who raised issue with the fact that Lee Seung Chul did not mention the original song or singer.

It was later proven that Lee Seung Chul received approval from the original composer, Jun Hae Sung, and original singer, Kim Junsu, which resolved the situation. However, the resolution was temporary. On June 4, Lee Seung Chul posted a comment on his fan café which stirred up fans of JYJ again. He said, “With remakes, it’s customary not to mention the original singer. Moreover, making Junsu’s ‘I’m in Love’ number one and making it known to everyone is a much better way to go about things, but asking a 50-year-old singer who’s been in the business for 30 years for a public apology without any sort of consideration or respect, it’s a little upsetting.”

JYJ fans replied, “Then you should earn your respect as a senior,” and that “Things have come this far because you disregard the opinions of the fans and think that whatever you say is right.”

Kim Junsu’s agency CJeS Entertainment, who stepped into the situation in the heat of things, ended up caught in an awkward situation. While they understood Lee Seung Chul’s point of view, they also couldn’t ignore the fans, either.

CJeS said, “In regards to the song remake, Kim Junsu recently posted on his Facebook that it would be an honor to have Lee Seung Chul remake his song, and we, who are in charge of management, have never opposed Lee Seung Chul’s side managing the song.”

The agency further explained, “The root of the issue is that in a state in which information on the song was lacking, it was suddenly revealed through the drama. After its release, fans who realized the melody and lyrics were the same [as Junsu’s song] saw on the soundtrack production company’s site that the song was introduced as a ‘new release,’ which is when they started asking for an explanation.”

CJeS continued, saying to Lee Seung Chul that they would like it if there were no misunderstandings, as there was not a direct conflict between him and Junsu. The agency also explained the actions of the fans, saying that they just wanted an explanation of why Junsu’s name was left out. To the production company, CJeS said, “We ask that you admit to your wrongdoing and resolve the situation so that there is no lasting confusion or conflict between the fans.

Soundtrack production company Riwei Music said, “This happened because we were just in a hurry. This was not an attempt at noise marketing.”


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