Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon Quizzes Jessica and Tiffany on their Dating Psychology

On the June 17 broadcast of Jessica&Krystal,” Girls’ Generation members Tiffany and Hyoyeon visited Jessica and Krystal’s new house. Together with Jessica, Tiffany and Hyoyeon had some fun quizzing each other and finding out more about their dating mindset through a psychological test.

One of the questions that came up in the test was, “What touching gift do you want to give your loved one on your anniversary?” As Hyoyeon read the choices, Jessica was seriously contemplating her answer while Tiffany and Hyoyeon joked with each other. Jessica chose the first option which was “making a photo album with their photos,” while Tiffany exclaimed that she had done something like the second option which was “writing a touching letter.”

Because Tiffany said she “had done it before,” both Jessica and Hyoyeon were quick to playfully tease Tiffany.

Tiffany clarified, “Well, that could happen. Because it’s an anniversary,” as she laughed with the two girls.

“You’re busted,” Jessica continued teasing Tiffany. Hyoyeon chimed in, “Well, if you haven’t tried dating at this age, you’re stupid.”

The girls stopped teasing Tiffany eventually and they didn’t dig further into the issue.

Earlier this year, Tiffany was confirmed to be in a relationship with 2PM‘s Nichkhun.

The teasing starts at the 5:30 mark! 

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