Son Ho Young of g.o.d Stars on Group’s First Comeback Teaser

The “nation’s group” g.o.d is triggering goosebumps among their thousands of fans with the release of the group’s first comeback teaser featuring member Son Ho Young on June 18.

The teaser showed Son Ho Young hurriedly climbing up the emergency stairway of a building and passing through an older, sad version of himself. He doesn’t stop climbing up until he reached the top of the building just in time for the sunrise. He then puts on his earphones and g.o.d’s song, “Dear Mother,” plays. Finally, he is shown in a suit and cheering for the group is heard in the background. The words “Sorry for making you wait long” are flashed on screen before everything turns to black.

Fans responded positively to the teaser saying that the video gave them goosebumps while some said the video made them cry.

This is the first of the five individual teaser videos to be released starting on June 18 for a period of two days. The group is making their comeback as a five-member group on their 15th year anniversary this year.

g.o.d will have their 15th Anniversary Reunion Concert on July 12-13 at Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium.