GOT7 Will Become Your ‘Boyfriend’ for Their New Mini Album

Ahead of their anticipated comeback, GOT7 explained, “We are doing a ‘boyfriend image’ as our new concept.”

On June 18, GOT7 held a showcase for their second mini album “GOT♡” at AX-KOREA. The members shared, “We are looking forward [to this concept] because it’s a completely different image from ‘Girls Girls Girls.’ We set our concept as an image of being a boyfriend that one could actually have in real life. We hope you watch over our new and brighter transformation.”

The group also stated, “When we first heard Park Jin Young’s guide, we worried if we would be able to pull it off, but as we recorded, the song suited our age group perfectly.” They added, “There is some martial arts once again, but rather than a flashy performance, our choreography matches well with the song. It is a smooth dance that a boyfriend might show his girlfriend. It will be different from the flashiness of our debut song in that we will display compositional choreography and acting.

The title track, “A,” was written by Park Jin Young, and is a song that will appeal to their fans, as is was prepared with the thought that the fans are their girlfriends.

GOT7 will have their first comeback stage on the June 19 MnetM!Countdown,” and on June 23, the album as well as the music video are expected to be revealed!

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