Park Yoochun Shares His Love for Soju with Singles Magazine

Park Yoochun is featured once again in Singles Magazine’s July issue!

In the interview the busy singer and actor discusses the drama “Three Days,” the behind the scenes story of filming his first movie “Sea Fog,” and preparing for the release of JYJ’s new album.

About “Three Days,” Yoochun joked “I’ve finished the drama and gone back to my real life, but every time I see a suit, it calls Han Tae Kyung to mind. Every time I see a shirt, I also think ‘Where is my badge?'” (Author’s note: Han Tae Kyung was the name of the character that Yoochun played in the drama). However, despite the excitement he feels when acting, he stated that creating a balance between his work and personal life is like “walking a tightrope.”

Yoochun also revealed his love for Korean liquor. “Nothing is better than a glass of soju and a bowl of radish kimchi. There are many tasty varieties of alcohol, but the only kind I really like is soju.”

Despite the hot weather, Yoochun was reputed to joke and smile throughout the whole interview.

The full interview and pictorial can be found in Singles’ July issue.