Actress Gong Hyo Jin Involved in Car Accident, Sustains Arm Fracture

In the early morning of June 19, actress Gong Hyo Jin was involved in a three-car accident on the freeway. The accident occurred on the way back to Incheon, after the actress finished up filming for her SBS drama “It’s Okay, It’s Love.”

At around 1:10 AM, on the Yongdong highway in Yongin, the van that Gong Hyo Jin was riding in collided with a truck while trying to change lanes. Right after these two vehicles crashed, another truck that was following behind them could not stop in time and collided into the actress’s van.

Gong Hyo Jin and all three drivers of the vehicles sustained injuries and are currently being treated at a nearby hospital.

It has been reported that the actress suffered a fracture on her left arm and sustained minor scratches on her forehead and face, but is receiving treatment. The staff who were also in the car are being examined for an accurate diagnosis as well.

The actress’s agency, Management SOOP, told Yonhap News, “Fortunately, the injury is not major. Her manager and other passengers in the car also received slight injuries.” They also stated that they will look after Gong Hyo Jin’s health condition before making any decisions, but it will be difficult to go back to filming right away. After speaking with the production team, it has been said that this will most likely not cause any interferences in the drama’s airing schedule, as it is set for July.

We hope for the quick recovery of Gong Hyo Jin and those injured in the accident!