Hip-Hop Duo Untouchable Releases Teaser Video for “Take Out”

Hip-hop duo Untouchable released a teaser video for their upcoming single “Take Out” on June 19. The video for their title track was released through their label TS Entertainment‘s official Youtube channel and the duo’s official fan cafe. 

“Take Out” is a song that talks about wanting to take out a woman in a club, comparing it to take-out coffee. The teaser video has a smooth jazzy track playing in the background, as the duo hits on girls in not only a club, but in a gym and in at a bar. 

The song will also feature Mayson The Soul, a rising vocalist known for his unique voice and solid songwriting skills. 

Untouchable’s “Take Out” featuring Mayson The Soul will be officially released on June 24.

Check out the teaser video below.