Little PSY Hwang Min Woo Thinks of G-Dragon as Rival

9-year-old Hwang Min Woo, known as little PSY for his appearance on PSY’s viral track “Gangnam Style,” picked BIGBANG’s leader G-Dragon as his rival.

On June 18, he headed over to Kim Koo Museum & Library for a press conference where he was asked his favorite singer. “I’d like to think it would be PSY.”

Hwang Min Woo continued, “Also, I think of G-Dragon as a rival singer-wise. And I like seniors Sistar’s Hyorin and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA out of the female singers.”

The road to fame wasn’t an easy one for the child celebrity, as he was met with physical, psychological, and emotional abuse. He revealed last year that he was being bullied at school, suffered from racist hate speech, cried from hateful netizen comments.