T-ara’s Hyomin Shows Off Her Figure in New Teaser Image for “Nice Body”

Hyomin of girl group T-ara has released a new teaser image for her upcoming solo track “Nice Body“. 

Hyomin will also be releasing a 19 and up teaser video for her music video, shot separately from the 15 and up teaser. She is determined to show a unique sexy concept, different from what T-ara has done before. 

She also released a teaser image for the music video on June 19, in which her skinny figure could be seen. These music video stills portray Hyomin wearing outfits with numbers on them. These numbers represent her size. 

Hyomin has participated directly in the outfits, choreography, music video, and design for her impending solo album, according to her agency.

Hyomin’s first solo mini album will be released on July 2.