History Drops Atmospheric “Psycho” Teaser

A video teaser for boy band History‘s “Psycho” has been uploaded. The track is the lead song from the group’s forthcoming mini album release, “Desire.” The 50-second video was posted by 1theK Music, the group’s talent agency.

As expected, the “Psycho” teaser reveals a slightly dark and mysterious image for the group, and the video begins with footage of the members making their way down an eerie space, which seems to be a long, dark tunnel. At this stage the music is entirely instrumental, and comprises of a mid-tempo, but strong, crunching beat, as well as other electronica elements.

The action then cuts to a second scene, whereby the group gathers in what appears to be a large confessional booth. The music also shifts to a vocal section of the song, with the members singing an intense refrain in close harmony. To add to the mystique of the ambiance, the footage is shot in black and white.

“Desire” will be released on June 23.