Tiny-G’s Dohee Confesses That She Wants to Date

On the June 19 broadcast of MBC Every1’s “A Celebrity Lives in Our House,” Tiny-G’s Dohee talked about dating and relationships with her virtual brothers from the show.

On the second day of filming, Dohee and her three brothers went to a nearby convenience store, where they discussed the topic of dating. The singer confessed, “I’ve never been in a relationship for 21 years,” surprising the brothers. Dohee is 21 years old, meaning she has never been in a relationship her whole life.

After hearing this, one of the brothers also said that he has been single for 26 years, leading them to ask jokingly themselves, “Why are we single?” Late into the night, the four of them acted out various dating situations and caused everyone to laugh.

During the conversation, Dohee shared, “I really want to date. Recently, it’s become my biggest concern,” and also honestly expressed her opinion on dating restrictions put on idol groups.

You can catch Dohee on “A Celebrity Lives in Our House,” on June 19 at 11 PM (KST).