VIXX Opens Up on Feelings After Finally Winning First Place

6-member boy group VIXX returned to the music scene with “Eternity” late last month and have already snagged a few wins on music programs. They shared with MyDaily how they felt about winning first place.

“I cried so much when we won on ‘Inkigayo’ that I wasn’t able to properly express my thanks to everyone,” said N. “That’s why I [forced myself] to not cry on ‘Show Champion.’ Even then, my head went blank so it was just the same.”

Ravi shared, “Winning first place has a different feeling. There are no words to describe it. After winning first place, there’s a special feeling when being greeted, ‘Congratulations VIXX.’ To be honest, we weren’t expecting it so it felt like a present. There are so many talented seniors so we didn’t even consider it, but we’re thankful because a wish came true. To be honest, I tried to hold back the tears, but I gave up. I just wanted to feel in the moment.”

Hyuk confessed, “It took a while for us to achieve this. Even though we saw that we won first place, it took us a while to realize that we did win.”

Afterwards, Leo shared, “I would have been able to hold in my tears, but I just lost it when the members started hugging me.”

Meanwhile, VIXX will be wrapping up activities to start planning for its concert “VIXX Live Fantasia Hex Sign,” which will be held on July 19 and 20.