Gummy Shares Reasons for Leaving YG Entertainment

It’s been four years since Gummy has made her comeback. A lot of people were surprised when she made her return as an artist not under YG Entertainment but through C-Jes Entertainment. In an interview with Newsen, the singer revealed the reasons for her big move.

“It’s been about half a year since I moved agencies and I think my old company has that certain tendency. YG is a company that doesn’t release albums that often,” Gummy started talking about her previous agency.

“They’re the type to release an album when there’s good music. The artists agree to that and each singer also has a lot of greed in wanting to perform with good music. When I was in YG, there were times when I made an album and then it was turned down once or twice. After some contemplating, I decided to move agencies,” explained Gummy.

Her move to C-Jes Entertainment has given Gummy an opportunity to release her mini album this June with the title song, “I loved… I have no regrets.”

“There was a second trial and error period for my album that was turned down, and I organized my thoughts about that whole process. With that, I started working on my mini album at this new agency I joined and came out with an album in six months,” she added.

It wasn’t an easy decision for her to move agencies especially that YG Entertainment is one that has groomed her to be the singer that she has become. However, there is a need for growth and change, and the other company has given her an opportunity to do so. However, Gummy says that more than it being an opportunity, it is a natural process.

“There were a lot of things I learned while I was in YG. It still feels like home to me now. However, there are a lot of singers under YG Entertainment and I wished to do the music I like even more freely. My fans or the other people asked me, ‘Why don’t you release albums more often?’ and because of that, I thought of the difficult situations that I was in and I naturally made my move,” said Gummy.

“We didn’t separate on bad terms. The president (Yang Hyun Suk) was the one who was apologetic. He told me that if there’s a place that could take better care of me than what YG was already doing, I should comfortably go there. So I think what I’m doing now is just natural,” Gummy further explained.

With every album she releases, Gummy gets a lot of compliments from the listening public. The same goes for her latest song, “I loved…I have no regrets.”

“More than getting popularity, my goal for this album is to receive recognition musically. I’m thankful for that. It’s expected to have divided opinions whenever an album is released but I am very happy that there are people who talk good things about me and who recognize my efforts,” said Gummy.


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