Hyosung Talks About Her Honey Thighs and How Much She Eats with @star1 Magazine

Secret‘s Jeon Hyosung talked about and showed her “honey thighs” in an interview and pictorial for @star1 magazine.

In the black and white photos for the July issue of @star1, Hyosung accents her eyes with intense black eyeliner and models clothes that only compliments her proud curves. 

In the interview, Hyosung spoke frankly about her infamous honey thighs. She explained that she developed them by walking and dancing since she was young. However, Hyosung wasn’t always as confident about her body as she is now.  “When I was young, I was envious of the thinner styles. I had a lot of stress because I was more sturdy and muscular. As I became older, I grew more confident. Now, I am confident and don’t stress out about my body.” 

Hyosung also talked about her eating habits. “I’m the type that eats a lot. I think I eat more than the average person. When I’m promoting, I can eat a lot without gaining too much weight because I’m also exercising a lot. “


You can find the full interview and more photos in the July issue of @star1 magazine.