Joo Ji Hoon: “Ga In’s Mother Likes Me”

Rather than keeping quiet to avoid more controversy, Joo Ji Hoon shared a little something about his relationship with Brown Eyed Girls’ Son Gain to the listeners of MBC FM4U show, “Park Kyung Lim 2 p.m. Date” on June 19.

Throughout the show, the actor who is currently promoting his movie “Confession” (title literally translated as “Good Friends“) gave enjoyment to the listeners through his humorous chatter with DJ Park Kyung Lim.

A listener said about Joo Ji Hoon, “I didn’t know that Joo Ji Hoon oppa is this funny,” to which DJ Park Kyung Lim replied, “Somebody must be very happy,” implying that Joo Ji Hoon’s girlfriend, Son Ga In, enjoys Joo Ji Hoon’s humorous personality.

Joo Ji Hoon quickly remarked, “That’s why her mother likes me,” sharing a simple yet meaningful information especially to those who are following the relationship of the two. He then tried to shift the topic away from his girlfriend Ga In by talking about other things.

Joo Ji Hoon is joined by Ji Sung and Lee Kwang Soo in the movie “Confession”which opens on July 10. It is a crime movie where the loyalties of three friends are tested through an unexpected accident, building suspicions between them.