ZE:A’s Kwanghee Says He Kept Close Watch of Members Siwan and Junyoung During Trainee Days

At the June 18 broadcast of SBS Power FM show “K.Will’s Young Street,” ZE:A‘s Kwanghee revealed how he carefully watched out for his co-members Siwan and Junyoung back when they were trainees.

“During our trainee days, I was so vigilant of Siwan and Junyoung.There was a time when in our first agency, Moon Junyoung was pushed–not by me–and he got so angry (at me) that I decided to leave the company,” Kwanghee said with a laugh.

But all’s in the past now as Kwanghee says they have all moved on from that incident. “Right now, ZE:A is very peaceful and harmonious. Everyone loves each other,” Kwanghee emphasized.

When K.Will asked Kwanghee regarding who among the members gave off the most arrogant first impression, Kwanghee said, “Honestly, there is no arrogant member in our group but when I first looked at the faces of our members, I got confused. I wanted to say, ‘How can somebody with that kind of face become a celebrity?”

The other members were enraged and jokingly said, “We can’t even think of your face before you had surgery.” Each of the members then started dissing each other and turned the whole studio in chaos.