BEAST Surprises Fans with Another BTS Video from Set of “Good Luck” Album Jacket Photo Shoot

Earlier, on June 18, the members of BEAST released a making of video for the album jacket photo shoot of the white version of their latest sixth mini album, “Good Luck.” On June 19, through a video released on Cube Entertainment’s official YouTube channel, the group takes you behind the scenes once again, but this time, for the black version.

The two versions of the new album portray completely contrasting concepts, but the members prove that they are able to successfully pull off both. While the white version shows a pure image, the black version gives off a dark feel.

The most noticeable difference between the two concepts can be seen in their make up and hair, as well as their outfits. The photo shoot for the white version was taken indoors, where the members posed on a bed and used cute props, as they smiled brightly, looking fresh and clean in pure white clothing.

In the newly revealed behind-the-scenes footage of the black version, they move to an outdoor location to a set that looks run-down and deserted, making use of a smoke machine and wearing mostly all-black outfits in order to show a dark, manlier side.

However, the BEAST members couldn’t hide their playful side, as they goofed off in between takes, brightening up the gloomy atmosphere and making staff members laugh.

Check out the BTS clip from the set of BEAST’s “Good Luck” album jacket shooting below!