Taeyeon Addresses Her Relationship with Baekhyun on Instagram

After unexpected news of Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s relationship with EXO’s Baekhyun broke out yesterday, many fans have expressed their point of view on the matter. It seems that Taeyeon felt the need to address fans about it, and took to her Instagram to do so.

In the comments section of her Instagram account, Taeyeon expressed, “Sone. You were very surprised and hurt because of me today, right..I’m so sorry for making you feel feelings that you didn’t have to, and the news that came out today because I wasn’t a bit more careful. I really wanted to apologize. I’m really sorry for hurting you..”

She continued, “I think you feel many different feelings, like disappointment, anger, hatred, frustration, and dejection..I can accept it all and I want to apologize because, I don’t know if it’s just what I think, but you must have liked, trusted, supported, and put just as much effort and strength [into me] as well.

In the next comments, she wrote, “No matter what I say right now, it could all be interpreted differently..I’m not trying to explain myself, I just want to say something so that you can stop getting hurt at least one day earlier..about the things I post on Instagram, for which I had absolutely no such intentions. Things like, ‘I must have enjoyed posting such obvious pictures,’ and ‘I ridiculed the fans.’ There seems to be a lot of people who think this way so I wanted to let you know that was never my intention or goal..”

It appears that many fans began to suspect Taeyeon and Baekhyun of posting covert pictures and messages, connecting their Instagram posts to one another. Some even believed the two were purposely doing it to ridicule their fans, but Taeyeon wanted to explain that was not her intention at all.