Roy Kim Received All A’s at Georgetown University Last Semester

Roy Kim, the winner for the fourth season of “Superstar K,” is again in the spotlight, but this time it’s for his scholastic achievement.

On June 19, Ilgan Sports reported, “Roy Kim, who is currently attending Georgetown University, is taking five classes and received all A’s. He just focused on his studies during the semester, and got good grades by preparing well for his tests.”

Roy Kim returned to Korea during his winter break this past year, where he talked to the press when he attended the 28th Golden Disk Awards. “Since it was my first semester, it was a bit hard adjusting to studying. However, my father said that if I don’t get grades good enough to qualify for scholarships then he will not fund my education.”

He returned to Korea right after finishing up his studies the end of last month. Roy Kim is working on his album, which is planned for a release sometime during the second half of the year. It hasn’t been decided whether the album will be full-length or a single.