Fly to the Sky Wraps Up “You You You,” to Start Promotions for “Your Voice”

Fly to the Sky will be wrapping up the promotions for their ninth album title track “You You You,” and will be starting new promotions for the song “Your Voice.”

On June 19, Hwanhee and Brian gave their thoughts on ending and starting promotions on their official fan site.

Brian said, “During the whole of our promotions, with the release of our album, TV shows, and concerts, I was really thankful. With the start of promotions for our new song, we’ll try to give back the love you’ve given us with active promotions and a country-wide tour.”

Hwanhee also commented, “Thank you for your support during our promotions. After finishing our concert in Seoul, that excitement stayed with me for several days, and I had a smile on my face the whole time. It was like going on a vacation with you for the first time in a while. We’ll try to do the same with our upcoming promotions.”

Fly to the Sky will officially start their promotions for “Your Voice” on the June 20 broadcast of KBS’ “Music Bank.”