“Superman Returns” to Feature Childbirth Special with Do Kyung Wan and Jang Yoon Jung

KBS variety program “Superman Returns” will try something different by featuring a celebrity couple, Do Kyung Wan and Jang Yoon Jung, become parents for the first time. 

A representative from “Superman Returns” announced on June 20, “the birth and the upbringing of the baby between announcer Do Kyung Wan and singer Jang Yoon Jung’s will be aired on ‘Superman Returns’ as a special. We have considered working with stories of childbirth since the pilot of the show, so we are very happy to have this opportunity. We are thankful that Do Kyung Wan and Jang Yoon Jung agreed to appear on our program.” 

Jang Yoon Jung gave birth to a healthy boy on June 13, one year since the couple got married. The special will show Do Kyung Wan turn into a “superman” as he becomes a father. 

Do Kyung Wan and Jang Yoon Jung’s special segment for “Superman Returns” will start airing on June 22. 

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