g.o.d Releases Danny Ahn Individual Teaser

Veteran boy band g.o.d has uploaded a second individual teaser video ahead of the group’s much-anticipated comeback concerts, to be held beginning in July.

The video, featuring member Danny Ahn, was uploaded to the group’s official YouTube account, and follows on from the release of Son Ho Young’s teaser video, posted on June 17.

In the video, Danny Ahn is shown in various scenarios, including scenes of the singer driving a convertible car and passionately practicing for a performance in a darkened rehearsal room full of mirrors.

The video ends with the caption, “Sorry you had to wait so long.” Three more individual teasers are set to be uploaded to the video sharing site over the next few days.

The group had a hit with the single “The Lone Duckling,” their first release in 12 years in May this year. The g.o.d “15th Anniversary Reunion Concert” will be held July 12 and 13 at the Olympic Complex in Jamsil, Seoul before the boys tour other venues in Korea.